Hi. I'm Lindsay. I like sleeping and I hate doing things. I'm waiting for the day when someone invents the technology to turn me into an octopus. Now you know me.


What if I came out to my parents but did it in Spanish so they’d have no idea what I was saying and just be like, “hahah yeah okay” and I’d be like, “bueno, it’s settled.”

There is no system of oppression in America that actively works to oppress and subjugate white people. Sorry to break it to you, but your individual suffering is just that, individual. The individuals acting against you do not have the institutionalized power to actively oppress you in every facet of your life, nor would their racism be upheld and supported by government, media, and legislation if they did. Because you’re white.

Reverse racism isn’t real because we live in a culture that supports and enforces whiteness as the norm and PoC as other. If you experience discrimination, prejudice, or bigotry, it’s valid to be upset about it and want to talk about it. It is not valid to claim that it is reverse racism, and certainly not valid to claim that it is racism on par with anything like the institutionalized racism that PoC will come into contact with.

If you’re out viewing the moon right now you should look to the upper right and you’ll see Mars.


Far to the left and a little down is Saturn. Remember that a free Star Chart app for your phone will help you find them.

For as much as I bitch about people who do shitty relationship things and how everything would be fine if they would just talk about it I am totally being that shitty person. So uh. I guess I get it now.

Me: I have anxiety

What most people think I have: I'm shy and can't talk to people. I'm awwwwkwaaaard.

What I actually mean: I have full blown panic attacks which include heart palpitations, breathing problems, shaking, sweating and constant fear that I'm going to die when faced with situations I find uncomfortable.